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Meet the Artist

Construction Professional and self taught artist, Pete Marchetto is quickly gaining artistic recognition for his masterful abstract contemporary creations...

The son of an Italian tile and marble contractor, Pete grew up in Hudson County, New Jersey.  At an early age Pete worked along side his dad, a talented craftsman with immense creativity and unwavering devotion to hard work.  These characteristics served an enormous influence on Pete's chosen career path and appreciation for artistic ability.

To further cultivate his interests, Pete attended the University of Maryland where he earned his degree in Architectural Engineering.  Upon earning his degree, Pete followed his dream to build large scale, complex construction projects spanning the globe.

As Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest Construction Management companies in the United States, Pete was responsible for building some of the most noteworthy venues nationwide, such as the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, AOL Time Warner Center in New York City and Citifield, home to the New York Mets.

Over his career, Pete has had the privilege of working with world renowned architects and designers influencing him to revisit his desire to work with his hands cultivating modern works of art.

Now a chosen second career, Pete embraces quiet time to connect with his artistic nature.  His signature style of artwork energy and movement to create Contemporary Abstract Creations using Acrylic paint on Canvas.  His creativity is fueled by formulating complementary and sometimes unusual combinations to invoke personal interpretations.

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